XenData Cloud File Gateway Integrates Seamlessly with CatDV

We got a first look at the XenData CX-10 Cloud File Gateway Appliance and how it integrates with CatDV. This video is one episode in our ‘On the Bench’ series and to see more, visit: JB&A On the Bench. Read more

XenData: When a Windows Volume Suddenly gets Hybrid Towards an Azure Storage Account

Introduction Today I took the XenData Cloud File Gateway out for a spin… Why? This little piece of software allows a windows volume to be extended by an Azure Storage Account. And from a technical level, we are talking about blob storage here. So you can leverage hot & cold storage, and even archive storage in the… Read more

Demystifying the Cost of Azure Blob Storage

  The Microsoft Azure cloud platform offers a vast array of services including cloud storage. Within Azure storage, there are multiple offerings but the most economical is blob object storage. The very large and growing Azure service offerings make for a complicated charging model. This posting attempts to explain the pricing model for Azure blob…

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