Square Box Systems

A CatDV asset management system from Square Box Systems when integrated with a XenData Archive, provides a powerful and cost effective solution for management and long term retention of video assets on LTO or ODA cartridges or on the Azure Cloud.

There are two alternative interface modules that tightly integrate CatDV with XenData archive systems: The North Shore Automation module and the QLS module.

North Shore Automation Module

The module developed by North Shore provides the following functionality:

Archive, restore and delete archived clips, right from the CatDV Pro interface or Web Client – Search for a clip in CatDV, view the proxy and retrieve the high res content from the XenData archive without leaving the CatDV interface.

Manage offline LTO or Optical Cartridges from the CatDV Interface – When restoring offline content, the cartridges that contain the files are identified in the CatDV interface, allowing you to insert these back into the XenData system.

Archive to Tier 2 RAID and the Azure Cloud – Configure the archive system with up to 240 TB of low cost RAID and petabytes of Azure Cloud storage. Provides fast restores and offline copies of your high res content.

Direct transfer of files between Edit Storage and XenData Archive – The system may be configured to transfer hi-res content directly between edit storage and the XenData archive, avoiding overloading the CatDV Server or any clients.

Select XenData Archive Location from CatDV Interface – Useful when you want to have multiple archive locations, for example archive to a group of replicated LTO cartridges or to the Azure Cloud.

Select Restore Location from CatDV Interface – Useful when you have multiple edit storage locations.

The North Shore module requires a restricted CatDV worker node installed on the XenData archive server, a minimum of two CatDV Web Client licenses available on the CatDV Server and version 6.10.6 or 7.0.6 or higher of CatDV Server. The module is supported by the North Shore team based in the USA.

Video: XenData Cloud File Gateway Integrates Seamlessly with CatDV (8 minutes 15 Seconds)

Webinar: Streamline your Archiving Operations with CatDV and XenData (52 Minutes, 31 Seconds)