Mirroring Primary Storage to Create a Backup on the Archive

In addition to archiving files, a XenData storage system can be used to mirror primary storage. This can be used to provide a data protection copy of the primary edit storage. By running the mirroring software overnight, for example, all of the changes that occurred in the day will be replicated on the XenData system.

Adding mirroring allows the XenData storage system to provide two complementary functions: archive content that is less frequently used to free space on the edit storage; mirror the remaining active files to the second tier storage as data protection. When these two functions are configured, normally the archive operations will save to one or more Volume Sets and the mirroring will replicate to another dedicated Volume Set. This means that the mirrored files will be physically separated from the archives files, perhaps on different sets of LTO cartridges, or perhaps with the archived files held on LTO, ODA or in the cloud and the mirror held on RAID.

There are many third party utilities that can provide file system mirroring. We have certified two approaches – one using the mirroring capabilities of Beyond Compare and the other using Robocopy. Details on how to implement these alternative approaches are available in the following Tech Notes:

XTN1701 Configuring an Archive Mirror Using Beyond Compare

XTN1702 Synchronize to a XenData Volume Using Robocopy

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