Studio Network Solutions EVO is a shared project/media storage server and functions as either a SAN, NAS or both. Every EVO system includes ShareBrowser – easy to use software designed by SNS that allows desktop clients to export XML, tag & comment files, and search across all EVO and client connected networked storage.

XenData’s recommended workflow with ShareBrowser is to run the ShareBrowser client software on the XenData Windows server and perform all move operations directly between the EVO and XenData server. Users may remote into the XenData server from a Mac or Windows PC to access the ShareBrowser user interface. Running ShareBrowser on a different client computer is not recommended as it adds additional hops to the data path which reduces performance. Running ShareBrowser on a Mac Client is especially not recommended as the Mac is not aware of the Windows offline attribute and will be prone to unwanted timeouts. In addition, we recommend that you do not index the XenData volume using ShareBrowser as this will cause unintended restores.