Multi-Tier Storage across LTO, Optical Disc, Local Disk and the Azure Cloud

XenData provides highly scalable data storage systems and software with management of content across multiple storage tiers including LTO data tape, Optical Disc Archive cartridges, local disk and the Azure cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

XenData hybrid cloud storage solutions provide a single highly scalable file system that has two storage tiers: on-premises disk and Microsoft Azure blob storage. They allow existing file-based applications to use cloud storage without need for modification. Their tiering policies keep frequently accessed files on local storage, which minimizes cloud access costs and Internet bandwidth usage.
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LTO Archives

XenData LTO systems have become a standard for creative media applications. They are available as complete turnkey solutions including a robotic LTO library and archive server; alternatively an archive server may be purchased to work with a customer supplied LTO library. In addition, XenData offers its XenData6 Workstation software for managing an LTO drive attached to a Windows workstation.
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Optical Disc Archives

XenData archive servers manage Sony Optical Disc Archive libraries which provide fast access to petabytes of secure storage.
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All-In-One Disk & Archive

XenData FX-Series storage systems provide two independent storage volumes: a high performance shared disk volume suitable for applications such as 4K video editing; and an archive volume that supports either Microsoft Azure Cloud or on-premise LTO or Optical Disc Archive storage.
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