CX-240 Scales to 240 TB of RAID and Unlimited Capacity in Azure

The CX-240 Hybrid Cloud Server provides a single highly scalable file system that has two storage tiers: on-premises RAID and Microsoft Azure blob storage. The storage system allows existing file-based applications to use cloud storage without need for modification. Its tiering policies keep frequently accessed files on local storage, which minimizes cloud access costs and Internet bandwidth usage.

The CX-240 runs a Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system and the file system is presented as a logical drive letter that can be accessed locally or as one or more Windows network shares. It is fully compatible with the Microsoft security model based on Active Directory.

The on-premises RAID is available with 24, 34 or 44 disks, with 6 TB individual disk capacities, providing usable RAID capacities of 120 TB, 180 TB or 240 TB. If you start with 24 or 34 disks, the capacity may be increased by adding additional disks up to the maximum of 44. It uses RAID 60 which combines reliability and performance.

Great Compatibility

Optimized for video, image and other large files, the CX-240 easily integrates with a wide range of applications including those found in in video surveillance and media and entertainment.

CX-240 Product Information

CX-240 Data Sheet