Multi-Tier: 120 – 240 TB RAID plus PBs of LTO or Optical

DX-Series archives store files on RAID and either LTO or optical disc – with all content presented as a single volume. The physical location of files is intelligently managed by administrator defined policies.

The primary storage tier – RAID – is available with capacities that range from 120 TB to 240 TB.

The secondary tier can scale to multiple petabytes and may be one or more robotic LTO libraries or Sony optical disc archive libraries.

For the lowest cost per TB, the system manages a third tier – offline LTO or optical cartridges that have been exported from a library.

Simplified Storage

XenData DX-Series systems provide simplified archiving: they manage three tiers of physical storage but present all the files in a single logical volume. By using a single file system, the DX-Series avoids artificial segmentation of your storage space.

The DX server has a NAS architecture and runs a Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system and is fully compliant with the Microsoft security model – making for easy integration into an existing Windows environment.


The primary disk tier is available with 24, 34 or 44 disks, with 6 TB individual disk capacities, providing usable RAID capacities from 120 TB to 240 TB. If you start with 24 or 34 disks, the capacity may be increased by adding additional disks up to the maximum of 44.

The secondary storage tier may be an on-premises expandable LTO or optical library. Whichever you choose, the secondary storage can be easily expanded. Also by exporting LTO or optical cartridges from the library, the capacity expansion is unlimited, as the system will manage any number of externalized cartridges.

Great Compatibility

The DX-Series systems have great compatibility with a wide range of media and entertainment applications including Avid Interplay, axle Video MAMs, CatDV from Squarebox Systems, Dalet MAMs, eMAM, Metus MAM, MXFserver and Parking from Marquis Broadcast.

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