Single Server with Shared Disk Volume and Archive Volume

The FX-Series servers provide two independent storage volumes: a high performance shared disk volume suitable for 4K video editing with usable capacities to 240 TB; and an archive volume that supports either Microsoft Azure Cloud or on-premise LTO or Optical Disc Archive storage.

Simplified Storage

The FX all-in-one approach simplifies workflows and avoids network bottlenecks when transferring content between edit and archive storage.

The FX server has a NAS architecture and runs a Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system and is fully compliant with the Microsoft security model – making for easy integration into an existing Windows environment.

Select Your Preferred Archive Type

There are three options for the archive volume:  Microsoft Azure Cloud storage or an on-premises LTO or Sony optical disc archive library. All the archive volume options scale to multiple petabytes and support partial file restore.

Great Compatibility

The FX-Series systems have great compatibility with a wide range of media and entertainment applications including axle Video MAM, CatDV, Dalet MAMs, eMAM, Metus MAM, MXFserver from FilmPartners and Parking from Marquis Broadcast.

FX-Series Product Information

FX-Series Data Sheet