270 TB Near-line LTO

The SXL-4200 is a cost effective LTO-7 digital video archive system that provides 270 TB of near-line LTO capacity. This is the equivalent of 11,700 hours of HD video, recorded at 50 Mbits/s. The system includes a robotic LTO library with 45 active slots and either one or two LTO-7 drives. The SXL-4200 is ideal for both creative video and video surveillance applications.

Powered by the SX-250 Archive Server

The system is powered by an SX-250 Archive Server which runs a Windows 2012 R2 operating system and XenData6 Server software. It has a 6 TB – 18 TB disk cache which is used intelligently to provide fast archive and restore operations. Archiving occurs at disk speed without any of the delays associated with the access time of LTO cartridges. Restoring multiple files is optimized in the system, as files are read from LTO in tape order, minimizing total tape movement.

Reliable Library Robotics

The SXL-4200 includes a robotic library with 45 cartridge slots, 3 mail slots for importing and exporting cartridges and up to two internal LTO-7 IBM drives. The reliable library robotics have a mean failure rate greater than 2 million load/unload cycles.

Great Compatibility

Files are presented in a standard file/folder structure which is typically shared over the network. This means that the archive appears like disk. Files are transferred to and from the archive locally or using either the standard Windows network protocol (CIFS/SMB) or FTP file transfers. In addition, the system provides an object storage interface using an XML API. These interface options mean that the system works with most media asset management and third party systems used in the creative video industry. Alternatively, video files may be archived and restored manually to a file-folder structure using Windows Explorer or FTP utilities.

SXL-4200 Product Information

SXL-4200 Data Sheet