Scalable from 840 TB to 6.6 PB

The SXL-8500Q Series of LTO archives is a highly expandable solution for long-term, secure file storage. The base models have 840 TB of near-line LTO capacity and scale to 6.6 PB by adding library expansion modules. When used in creative video applications, the fully expanded SXL-8500Q library capacity is equivalent to over 140,000 hours of HD video, recorded at 100 Mbits/s.


Powered by the SX-550 Series of Archive Servers

The SXL-8500Q is powered by an SX-550 Series Archive Server which runs a Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system and XenData6 Server software. It has a 4.8 TB to 240 TB RAID cache which is used intelligently to provide fast archive and restore operations. Archiving occurs at the speed of RAID without any of the delays associated with the access time of LTO cartridges. Restoring multiple files is optimized in the system, as files are read from LTO in tape order, minimizing total tape movement.

Scale by adding Library Expansion Modules and LTO-8 Drives

The SXL-8500Q includes a Qualstar Q80 scalable robotic LTO library which is designed for mounting in a standard 19 inch rack, taking from 6 to 42 U. The 840 TB base system consists of a 2 U server and an expandable 6RU LTO library with two LTO-8 drives. It can be fully expanded to 6.6 PB of near-line LTO capacity by adding six 6RU expansion modules to the robotic library. The SXL-8500Q system may be configured with up to 8 LTO-8 drives.

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