The XenData COM/SQL interface is provided by a COM API which was introduced into XenData6 Server software from version 6.20 build 2356. This interface is useful when an application author wants to achieve a higher level of integration with the archive than is possible using standard Windows or network file system APIs. For example, in a situation where a number of data cartridges have been exported from a robotic library and a user wants to restore a file that is located on one of the exported cartridges, it might be useful for an application to be able to tell the user the barcode label of the cartridge that contains the file. The standard Windows file system API provides no method to retrieve that information but this is easily achieved with the XenData COM API.

Use of the COM/SQL interface is preferred over the XenData legacy C++ interface. The legacy C++ interface will be included in releases of XenData6 Server for the foreseeable future but will not be further developed.

The XenData COM API exposes an OLE DB provider interface that allows the user to access system data via SQL queries. The system supports a read-only subset of standard SQL Language features which can be used to access the available SQL Tables. A number of standard SQL Functions provide a mechanism to perform calculations on result sets.

XenData6 Server software allows creation of a number of reports using its Report Generator. If an application author wants to obtain custom reports, this can be achieved using SQL queries made via the XenData COM API.

A full description of the interface is available from the COM API Programmers Guide. The COM objects documentation is based on IDL syntax. Corresponding language dependent syntax is described in C++ Syntax, C# Syntax and Windows PowerShell Syntax sections of the Guide.