Marquis Parking running on a XenData Server provides Archiving of Finished Projects and Data Protection for Current Projects

Avid Media Composer and Avid ISIS online storage are leading products for professional video editing. Marquis and XenData provide a total storage management solution for your Avid environment, archiving finished projects and backing up current projects.The Marquis Parking software runs on the XenData Archive Server and delivers a total storage solution based on two Parking software modules:

  • Marquis Archive Parking software is used to free up space on ISIS online storage by moving complete Avid projects to XenData second tier storage which may be near-line disk, LTO cartridges or Sony Optical Disc Archive cartridges.
  • Marquis Workspace Parking is used to create a backup copy of your selected workspaces on XenData near-line disk.

Together these two Parking software modules deliver:

  • reduced overall cost because you avoid expensive capacity upgrades of ISIS;
  • archive of completed projects to one or more LTO or optical cartridges;
  • anddata protection for your work in progress

XenData and Marquis Webinar: Archive and Backup your AVID Projects (34 Minutes, 12 Seconds)