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IBM Device Driver Installation

Installation Prerequisites

Ensure that the tape hardware is connected to the server. For SAS connections you must have point to point connections, for Fibre channel you can connect via a switch, however our recommendation is also point to point. The tape hardware must be powered on and in a ready state.

Tape Drive Drivers

Download the zipped device driver installation files from the link below to a folder on the C: drive of the Server.

Download device driver – Windows 2008 R2

Download device driver – Windows 2012 R2

Unzip the files. Browse to the ‘install_exclusive.exe’ file and right-click on it. Select ‘Run as administrator’. The program will launch a command line window and then display ‘Program Successful’.

This completes the installation of an IBM device driver.

Note that if connections to the SAS or Fibre ports on the rear of the server are swapped, it may be necessary to reinstall the driver.