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Windows Device Driver Installation

Installation Prerequisites

Ensure that the tape hardware is connected to the server, switched on and showing in Device Manager.

Tape Drive Drivers

Navigate to Device Manager. The tape drive should be recognised in the “Other Devices” section of Device Manager.

Right-click on the drive and in the menu select “Update Driver”. Click on “Select from a list of device drivers on your computer”, in the common hardware list select “Tape Drive”, then from the Manufacturer list select “LTO” and apply the standard LTO tape provided by Windows in the right hand pane. When a warning is displayed select “Yes” to continue. Close the dialog box and check that the drive is now displayed in the “Tape Drive” section of the Device Manager.


If using Windows 7 with a USB drive, Install Microsoft Hotfix KB2581464 available from here: KB2581464

This is required because Windows 7 does not support USB devices with the data transfer sizes required to write
to LTO unless this hotfix is installed.


Reboot the computer.


Configure Power Options for the computer to prevent sleeping or hibernating. (This is because any file
transfers to or from LTO will pause if the computer sleeps or hibernates.)