Scales From 360 TB to 2.76 PB

The SXL-8200Q is an expandable LTO-8 digital archive system that provides up to 2.76 PB of near-line LTO capacity. The system includes a Qualstar Q80 robotic LTO library with from 30 to 230 active slots and either one or two LTO-8 drives.


Wide Application Compatibility and Standard NAS Architecture

The SXL-8200Q has a network attached storage (NAS) architecture, connecting to the network via 10 GbE or 1 GbE. It can also connect to a SAN via fibre channel. Powered by XenData6 Server software, it has both a standard file and folder interface and an object storage interface for archive and restore operations. This means that it is compatible with a wide range of applications used in video surveillance and the media industry including most media asset management system.

Powered by the SX-250 Archive Server

The system is powered by an SX-250 Archive Server which runs a Windows 2012 R2 operating system and XenData6 Server software. It has a 2.4 TB – 18 TB disk cache which is used intelligently to provide fast archive and restore operations. Archiving occurs at disk speed without any of the delays associated with the access time of LTO cartridges. Restoring multiple files is optimized in the system, as files are read from LTO in tape order, minimizing total tape movement.

Highly Expandable

The base system has 30 activated slots and an additional 40 slots that can be activated by purchase of slot upgrade licenses. If more than 70 slots are required, one or two 6RU expansion modules can be added to increase the number of slots to 150 or 230. Designed for mounting in standard 19 inch racks, the system takes from 7 to 19RU. The system may be configured with either one or two LTO-8 tape drives.